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Welcome, Guest. Journey through the Stellara Region, an area that is famous for its sights, landmarks and incredibly difficult Pokemon League. Choose from the seventeen trainer classes available in order to make the perfect trainer. Obtain the Pokemon of your dreams, all with interesting, varied personalities. Engage in intense battles that reward creativity and skill and extend far beyond simple type advantages and unnecessary stat calculations. The Stellara Region is ripe with adventure, and its trainers have a chance to write history. What will you do?

Hoopa’s hyperspace portals appear to be scattered all throughout the Stellara region, and many trainers are trying their luck at exploring the wormholes. Perhaps you would like to see the portals for yourself?

5/27/18: The site now has a new skin! Also, we are officially moving towards an automated EXP system, so that people can get their hard earned EXP right then and there. Keep in mind that there will be some changes to the existing grading system to account for this. Also,

Info Nexus

MOD REQUEST THREAD. by Postolnab Nov 19, 2021 15:29:51 GMT -6
All rules regarding the site can be found here. Be sure to read everything in this section thoroughly; it will make understanding the site's mechanics and systems much easier.
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Canon Positions
POWER CLASSES ROSTER. by Andy Richter Nov 28, 2018 14:33:46 GMT -6
This is where you can see what canon positions are available such as gym leaders, elite four, Team Crux leadership positions, power classes and much more.
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Trainer Hub

Trainer Profiles
carine serrano by LimaoMum Apr 1, 2022 8:21:21 GMT -6
This is where all character profiles are submitted, approved and stored. Be sure to read all of the rules before making a character profile.
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Personal Computers
Darcy's PC by JamesHes Mar 13, 2022 2:46:56 GMT -6
All Trainer PCs are kept here. When you are approved, make sure to make a PC; it is where you will keep track of all of your threads, Pokemon, badges and items. Be certain to keep your PC up to date at all times.
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Simon's World by Simon Wright May 9, 2018 14:00:05 GMT -6
This is where you can create plotters, trackers and plot with your fellow members.
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Rhett Me Baby (Shopping) by Rhett Starr Jun 7, 2018 14:26:46 GMT -6
Want to buy items such as held items, evolutionary items, medicines, technical machines or even level up your Pokemon? You can do all of that here!
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TEAM CRUX MISSIONS by CAT Apr 8, 2018 12:24:14 GMT -6
Ready to go on adventures for fame, fortune, Pokemon and much more? Then go ahead and take one of the many quests available! You can even create quests of your own to embark on!
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Mira's Trades
Mira's Trades is Stellara's largest Pokemon trading business, one that specializes both in Pokemon conservation and finding Pokemon brand new homes. If you're looking to trade Pokemon, take a look at Mira's; you'll be surprised at some of the interesting Pokemon that you can find here.
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Northern Stellara

Baltis City
Baltis City is known for its frequent rainshowers and thunderstorms. To stop flooding, the city’s drainage systems are well-equipped to handle copious amounts of rainfall. In fact, the city has many artificial ponds and streams within its limits; they both prevent flooding and add to the city’s unique style. Baltis City is right next to Polaris Lake, a common spot that residents and travelers visit.
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Nair City
NAIR CITY GYM INFORMATION by Katy Trilly Jun 16, 2022 20:15:50 GMT -6
Nair City is the largest city in Northern Stellara. Given its proximity to the Gurios Mountains, it is a city that experiences cool and cold weather all year around. This city is a common getaway for winter sports and activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Nair City is also known for having many nationally acclaimed museums due to the city importing many artifacts recovered from the Helos Ruins. Plus, Nair City is an “outdoors-oriented” city because of the city’s proximity to the Gurios Mountains. It is common to see crowds of people spending time outside on the weekends either in the city or the Gurios Mountains.
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Rana Town
QUEST 002: A New Challenger! by CAT Mar 5, 2018 8:36:51 GMT -6
Rana Town is a town focused on agriculture, and it is the main agricultural producer of the Stellara Region. Farms and ranches are scattered throughout the town, and this is a popular location for upcoming breeders to learn more about the trade. While Rana Town is more of a rural area, it is still going through developments in order to improve its infrastructure. Seeing Pokemon go in and out of the town is not uncommon, and some Pokemon are considered honorary residents of the town. Pokemon racing is a popular sporting event here, and some of the best racers around come from this quaint town.
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Polaris Lake
The largest lake in Stellara, many people use this as an area to fish. The lake itself is big enough to rival some of the larger cities in Stellara and is home to all sorts of Water-type Pokemon. Legends say that the murky depths of Polaris Lake is home to a gigantic monster capable of sinking any boat with a flick of its tail, prompting most fishermen to tread along the outskirts of the lake.
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Helos Ruins
John Williams Theme Goes Here by IMUIT May 23, 2018 16:28:44 GMT -6
Remnants of a past civilization, Helos Ruins provides the people of Stellara with much needed historical value. These giant ruins span out across several complexes ranging from small houses to large towers sprouting up from the ground. The ruins have since been overrun with vegetation and wildlife, but it is far from abandoned. There are still many secrets and information inscribed on the walls of every building that continues to draw in attention.
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Gurios Mountains
By the Campfire on the Trail [Alex/Doug] by Doug Freeman Apr 23, 2018 11:46:43 GMT -6
The opposite of the Vaisera Mountains, the Gurios Mountain range is frigid. Capped off with heaps of snow and littered with large glaciers that threaten to slide down the mountain and crush any unsuspecting residents, the Gurios Mountains are just as dangerous as their warmer brothers. Just like the Vaisera Mountains, many trainers travel here in search of solitary training, only in a much harsher climate.
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Southern Stellara

Saiph City
SAIPH CITY BATTLE ROUND: AVERY VS DOUG by Doug Freeman May 13, 2018 13:27:06 GMT -6
Saiph City is one of the largest cities in Southern Stellara. Known as the “Oasis of Deneb Desert”, Saiph City is practically the only civilization in the Deneb Desert. Still, people manage to live in the city just fine, and the city’s technology makes it so that living in the middle of the desert is bearable. With the Deneb Desert’s many secrets and ruins, Saiph City is a hotspot for archaeologists and treasure hunters. There is even a massive laboratory that specializes in the research of ancient Pokemon and artifacts. Even for those who aren’t into exploring the desert, there is still plenty to do in Saiph City.
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Hamal Town
a nice, steamy stroll [plasma] by Plasma May 3, 2018 11:18:56 GMT -6
Hamal Town is a settlement built right next to the Elysia Falls. It is a humble town that has many hot springs and natural geysers scattered throughout it, and the residents take full advantage of them. Many tourists visit Hamal Town to see the geysers and to experience the town’s hot springs. In fact, it is said that the hot springs here have natural healing properties, and people have attested that aches, sores and various sicknesses like colds all eventually healed because of frequent soaking in the hot springs. The town is perpetually covered in a thin veil of mist due to the hot springs and geysers there.
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Deneb Desert
Two Hot Babes (Cecile) by Zhee Apr 17, 2018 12:23:22 GMT -6
Considered a wasteland by most due to the scorching temperatures, the lack of any civilization and the copious ruins scattered about the rolling sands, Deneb Desert is not a place for the weak. Many paleontologists and geologists find their way out into the desert for research and such.
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Elysia Falls
Out in the Field | Capture/Open Thread by Peno Jun 3, 2018 0:22:04 GMT -6
Another hotspot (Literally) for people and Pokemon alike, Elysia Falls is a hustling and bustling hot spring with its very own waterfall. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon the Falls and see an abundance of people and Pokemon lounging out, enjoying the relaxation brought forth by the warm waters and soothing sounds of water crashing in the distance.
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Tucana Rainforest
Jungle of Horrors [Quest/Lori Tsuka] by Koontz Dekker May 17, 2018 16:41:51 GMT -6
The definition of humid and moist, this rainforest is colorful and gorgeous on the outside. Filled to the brim with plant life both safe and harmful to humans and Pokemon, the Tucana Rainforest is not a place you’d want to tread lightly in. There are a few villages scattered about the rainforest, most of which were created from tribes long gone from the world.
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Western Stellara

Eridani City
A Case Full of Trouble [Laz/Quest] by Zetsumei Kōkuseki May 30, 2018 17:05:19 GMT -6
Eridani City is a seaport city located on the western coast of Stellara. Previously, Eridani City suffered due to outsourcing of jobs and lack of funds. However, after several large investments into the city, Eridani City is now thriving and is one of the fastest growing cities in the Pokemon world. It is famous for its seaside cuisine and excellent cruises as well as its ever-changing musical scene. Eridani City is also the location of the Talas Company Headquarters, the main energy provider for the Stellara Region. However, ever since its main power plant shut down, the company has been trying to build back its tarnished reputation due to its rampant Pokemon abuse in the past.
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Pavo Town
Travel 101 (Morgan) by PEONY May 10, 2018 18:44:15 GMT -6
Pavo Town is settled at the base of the Vaisera Mountains and serves as a common stopping place for those traveling through Western Stellara. It is a medium-sized town, not too small or large, and many of its buildings do not exceed three stories in height. Despite this, it is not a underdeveloped town; in fact, the town has plenty of technology and other advancements just like any other major city. Although the town might not look interesting, there are plenty of reasons to visit the town. One of them is to participate in hiking and rock climbing, two of the town’s most popular pastimes. Another is to challenge the Pavo Town Gym, which lies near the town’s outskirts.
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Vaisera Mountains
Train! Train! [Senri] by Spire Mar 16, 2018 2:27:52 GMT -6
One of the two massive mountain ranges stretching across Stellara, Vaisera is the warmer of the two. It is home to many a dangerous Pokemon, considered dangerous due to their size and destructive capabilities. Many trainers actually venture to these mountains in order to seek out solitary training. It’s not uncommon to see hikers or martial-arts specialists trotting along the trails that wind throughout the peaks.
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Talas Co. Power Plant
Exploring [open] by Peno Jun 3, 2018 2:26:40 GMT -6
Famous for the Talas Incident, this Power Plant has long since been abandoned. The incident occurred years ago when the worker’s Electric Pokemon just couldn’t handle it anymore and revolted, riddling much of the plant with destruction. Few journey to the power plant in recent times due to the hazardous conditions such as stray wiring and aggressive wild Pokemon.
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Ulan Grotto
Down the Buneary Hole [Senri] by Lori Tsuka Mar 22, 2018 13:56:22 GMT -6
A vast network of caves located underneath the Vaisera Mountains, the Ulan Grotto is not a place one would want to be without a guide, or at the very least some light. While there are certain sections in the cave illuminated by beautiful, multicolored glowing crystals, the majority of the tunnels are masked in pitch black.
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Eastern Stellara

Vega City
Vega City is Stellara’s biggest resort city, known for its entertainment venues, gambling, cuisine and nightlife. Nestled right next to Irra Beach, Vega City is the main stop for anyone looking to have a good time. Iconic hotels and casinos line Vega City’s streets, and hordes of people flood Vega City day in and day out. Entertainment isn’t the only thing Vega City offers; it is also an excellent place to shop with its seemingly limitless selection of stores. However, with all of Vega City’s positivity, there is a darker side of the city -- one that runs parallel to the city’s shining outer image.
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Lacaille City
»» a sense of relief. [ashton] by NEOS RAVELLE May 10, 2018 15:36:54 GMT -6
Lacaille City is one of the major cities in Eastern Stellara. Here, the city is famous for its environmental friendliness. The city is surrounded by vibrant plantlife and relies mostly on forms of clean, renewable energy in order to function. Lacaille City is actually a leader in the global energy market, and many other regions have taken measures to emulate Lacaille City’s ability to use alternative energy sources efficiently. The city’s residents take their duty to protect the environment very seriously, and they aren’t above outright slamming anyone who is caught blatantly doing anything that contributes to pollution.
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Kaxyl Forest
By far Stellara’s largest forest, stretching for miles upon miles of lush trees and tall pockets of grass. There are several dirt paths dividing the forest, providing a multitude of options to travelers to get from point A to point B. A large majority of the forest is shrouded in shadows due to the thick tree canopy.
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Breshno Flatlands
» you're a goon. [laz] by NEOS RAVELLE Jun 4, 2018 18:23:31 GMT -6
A large expanse of shimmering grass and vibrant flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, the Breshno Flatlands are home to a plethora of different types of Pokemon. These types include but are not limited to Grass types, Normal types, Electric types, and Flying types.
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Irra Beach
Tricked! [Hoopa Event] by IMUIT Jun 4, 2018 18:36:57 GMT -6
Stretching across the eastern coast of Stellara is Irra Beach. It is a lovely shoreline riddled with colorful shells and crystalline blue water, allowing those who take a dip the ability to pretty much see as far down as their eyes will let them. It serves as a tourist/vacation hotspot for many of the people in Stellara as renting huts and
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Central Stellara

Cyngi City
Baby Steps [Open] by Ai Himura Jun 9, 2018 5:47:56 GMT -6
The largest city in Stellara, Cyngi City is the region’s major commercial, financial and cultural center. Cyngi City is a sprawling metropolis home to over a million people and Pokemon. It is also where numerous business and corporations have their headquarters located and is also the center of government for the Stellara region. Many people visit Cyngi City from all over the region and the world; tourism is actually one of the city’s largest industries and for good reason. If there is any place that is absolutely necessary for any traveler to visit in Stellara, Cyngi City is definitely one of them.
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Shaula Town
Something's Happening [HOOPA EVENT] by Lilith Scott May 12, 2018 19:38:37 GMT -6
Shaula Town is a nature-filled town near Kaxyl Forest. Here, the residents live in a more traditional way than other towns and cities in Stellara. For example, most of the houses and buildings are built out of a strong, dense wood, and technology isn’t as prevalent. While there is plumbing and electricity, the residents embrace the “simple living” lifestyle. Granted, this is not to say that the residents are uneducated or completely ignorant of the ways of modern civilization. Shaula Town is also home to numerous gardens, parks, ponds and nature trails, making it one of the best places to go to be surrounded by nature. In fact, trainers often visit this town in order to learn more about surviving out in the wild.
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Stellara Safari Zone
Snapshot [Quest/Closed] by Raoul Dantès Mar 28, 2018 0:46:19 GMT -6
The Stellara Safari Zone, like other Safari Zones, was created in order to help preserve the wild Pokemon population. Inside the Safari Zone’s walls are numerous Pokemon that visitors are able to both observe and catch if they pay a fee. Many rare Pokemon live inside the Safari Zone, making it a popular location for trainers to visit. The Safari Zone consists of several different biomes, each housing different varieties of Pokemon. The Safari Zone is known to hold competitions from time to time, ranging from catching to battling.
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Fomalhaut Estate
Inviting Shadows [Invite] by Cecile Durange Apr 6, 2018 14:19:11 GMT -6
This ominous manor has been the spark of many folktales and horror stories across the region of Stellara. From the eerie moans that pierce the air at night to the odd gathering of dark clouds up above that keeps the estate in constant gloom, it is no wonder why most people tend to avoid it.
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Largia Swamp
curiosity...soaked the cat? [open] by Maris Ansel Apr 8, 2018 15:13:19 GMT -6
To make matters worse for those daring enough to approach the Fomalhaut Estate, Largia Swamp joins up near the back of the estate. Dark, damp, muddy and overall just disgusting, the Largia Swamp serves very little purpose in the region aside from providing a home for the Pokemon that enjoy it. Just the trees and their crude, wiry branches stick out against the greenish fog that settles around the area, making them look like creepy, demonic hands.
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Risa River
—— stupid monkey. [sun] by Deleted May 31, 2018 12:33:27 GMT -6
Connecting both the ocean and Polaris Lake is the Risa River. The river bisects the region in half and is home to colorful stones and at some points, raging rapids. The river winds around various biomes and takes many a twists and turns, leading to it becoming a popular track for those wishing to race Water type Pokemon.
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Antila Island

Antares City
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Antares City is a marvel of a city; it is built right in the middle of the jungle! Despite the city’s size and towering structures, it fits seamlessly well with the surrounding jungle and is considered to be an architectural masterpiece. Plus, with the city’s location, Pokemon are a common sight within the city itself. Although there are initially many concerns about building a large city in the middle of a jungle, Antares City actually does much in the ways of natural conservation, and surprisingly enough, the surrounding jungle has not been disturbed much by the city’s presence.
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Yanna Jungle
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Yanna Jungle covers a large majority of Antila Island and has an enormous amount of biodiversity. The jungle itself is vibrant and exciting with all manners of Pokemon inhabiting it. Several rivers cut through the jungle, its waters calm enough for canoeing and other water-related activities. In fact, there is a massive waterfall near the jungle’s center that both people and Pokemon frequently visit to relax and swim. However, some parts of the jungle are considered dangerous to travel as powerful Pokemon claim large swathes of jungle as their territory, and they won’t hesitate to attack any trespassers.
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Stellara Pokemon League
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The Stellara Pokemon League is the administrative center for all Trainer-related activities and organizations in the entire region. It is a massive and impressive structure, one that serves as the final stop for trainers who manage to acquire all ten gym badges. Inside of the Stellara Pokemon League building are the Elite Four, four extremely powerful trainers who are responsible for testing worthy trainers. Whoever manages to defeat the Elite Four has a shot at becoming Stellara’s Champion.
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Trainer Lounge

General Discussion
OPEN THREADS DIRECTORY by Ai Himura Jun 4, 2018 15:36:02 GMT -6
Talk about anything and everything here ... within the rules of course.
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Board for past events? by Zhee Apr 18, 2018 19:39:46 GMT -6
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